A couple of days ago I took the boys to the park.

Since the summer was so hot we hadn’t been to the park in a while. I was amazed at how much Kurt had grown since the last time we had gone to a park. He was climbing up everything and trying new things. I am so proud of him; I know how scary it can be to try something new.

Logan too has grown a lot. He loved crawling through the tunnel. I am amazed sometimes at what my boys can do. I feel bad for being too cautious and not letting them see what they can master.

Here I am trying something new too. I am starting this blog. I want to turn a new leaf and grow in new ways, hopefully I can document that growth here. In thinking about growing I am reminded of talk/sermon I once heard at church. They said that life is like an escalator or one of those moving floors at the airport. You are never just standing still you are always moving. If you want to stay in the same spot you have to work at it.

Growth is inevitable and hopefully we are going up and not down on our own escalators. I know that I need to change directions in somethings and work on moving up. So here we are moving somewhere and growing.



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