A Great Weekend

A couple weekends ago was just one of those little treats in life; the whole weekend went wonderfully. First we had some very fun visitors. We really enjoyed having my brother Collins and his wife Amy here with us for a day. My boys didn’t want to see them leave. We mostly spent time together and enjoyed each others company. The most adventurous thing we did was go to the park. We offer an exciting time up here in Lincoln. 🙂




We went to the Winter Quarters temple with some good friends: Ty and Nicole Boyer. (We feel like they are family.) It was really nice to have some guilt free babysitting as Collins and Amy watched the boys while we were at the temple. Thanks!














On Saturday morning Brandon competed in his first shooting competition and got 5th out of 13. Excellent work my love! I am so proud of him.


Brandon shooting the gun that he used in his competition. I wasn’t able to attend so I don’t have any pictures from it.

ImageWe just had a really nice weekend. We spent time relaxing and just enjoying life.We were even a little early for church on Sunday. Here’s hoping that this weekend will be post worthy too.



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