Well this last weekend did turn out to be post worthy! First Kurt and I went to the movies together. Our bank here in Lincoln sent Kurt an invitation to go see The Lorax at the theater. He was super excited about going, so much so he was even telling people beforehand that we were going to go. After going to the wrong theater and a little car issue we made it to the movies. When we finally got to the movie theater it turns out the morning wasn’t running incredibly smooth for them either and they couldn’t get The Lorax to play so we were given some 3D glasses and directed to Finding Nemo. Kurt loves Finding Nemo so he was okay with the switch, but was still a little bummed. We told him we are going to have to rent The Lorax so he can still see it. The 3D on the movie was amazing!!! It was so beautiful especially in the beginning when they are on the reef.

Wearing the very stylish 3D glasses

Then on Sunday we cut the boys’ hair. They look so handsome with their hair cut. I don’t know why we waited so long.

Okay I will admit why we didn’t do it earlier. Kurt fights us the entire time we cut his hair. Usually he ends up hugging me while Brandon cuts his hair. It really isn’t a picnic. It never fails though that after we are done cutting his hair I can’t stop telling him how handsome he is; I mean look at him.

Looking incredibly handsome with a new haircut and in his Sunday suit.

As for Logan’s hair I was in love with that crazy, wispy hair. He has really fine hair and a full head of it. I loved the bed head he would get. After cutting it I am glad we did. I didn’t know it was possible but I think he is even more adorable and it really makes those eyes pop!

What made the day even better was we got to ride to church together as a family. Usually either Brandon or I have meetings before church each week; what a treat!

This was the only picture we were able to get them to hold still for and it turned out much better then we expected it to.

I took out Logan’s 12 month clothes this weekend. It makes me so sad to think he is that big already. Kurt was wearing these clothes when he started walking!!! (Little tear) My baby can’t be that big already! Can he? (Sorry Dawna the black socks we have are still a little big for Logan he had to wear gray:))

To end the excellent weekend we had dinner with some very dear friends; the Abbotts. Kurt even calls them Grandpa and Grandma. He just loves it over at their house. I am so grateful to people for giving us some family away from family.

Like I said it was a very post worthy weekend. I can’t believe it is almost time for another one. We have had a great week, but that is for another post.

Sincerely, Scarlet

One thought on “Haircuts

  1. Nice pictures. Sometimes the everyday things in life can be so precious–even haircuts! We love you guys and REALLY miss you. We look forward to our trip in 2 weeks!

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