Saving the Crib

A couple of weeks ago I noticed we had a little issue that needed to be taken care of.

The Problem

The Culprit

The innocent look – but I know better

The Solution

I know he looks innocent enough but don’t let that fool you, he can be vicious (to the crib). I noticed Logan had been biting the side of the crib and had been taking the paint off of it. Doesn’t he know that needs to last us? To fix the problem I sewed up a little sleeve for the side that he had been biting so he can bit the sleeve and not the crib. I used flannel on the outside, some brown fleece for the inside, and Velcro to fasten it around the crib. I sewed a seam down the middle of the flannel where I sewed some ribbon that he could play with and where I could hang some toys from. Logan loves it! It is really nice to have a place to keep toys that he can play with when he wakes up. I think I might have to make one of these for my next child before he or she starts chewing on the crib. So here is the story of how I saved the crib. The only bad news is that he has started biting a new side of the crib. Pretty soon I will have the whole crib lined in sleeves.



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