Christmas gifts

My family started drawing names for each other several years ago, but each year I like to give a gift to each of my nieces and nephews. Last year I made a pair of mittens for everyone. They turned out really great and Kurt loved his. It is usually the same gift with maybe some variations. This year I made them three different kinds of play dough and gave them some play dough tools from Target’s dollar spot. I put the play dough into empty baby food jars.

I made a cinnamon spice play dough, the recipe is found here. It smells heavenly; kneading the play dough brings all of the wonderful smells of autumn wafting past your nose. The recipe is easy to follow and it turns out great. The next play dough I made was Nutella play dough. I found the recipe here on Made, one of my favorite blogs that I follow, if you like sewing and crafting this is such a fun blog to look at. I have several notes to make on this recipe. After tweaking the recipe the second try turned out great but the first one was only worthy of the trash can.

Nutella Play dough First try

Nutella Play dough First try

As you can see it turned out very dry and scary looking. The dough never was wet enough and I even added a half cup more water. In the end I just threw it away. After my failed first attempted I went over the recipe again making sure I hadn’t missed any ingredients and I hadn’t. So I decided to give it a second chance but this time I only put in half the flour and that did the trick.

Nutella Play Dough second try

Nutella Play Dough second try

As you can see it turned out much smoother. It has a nice smooth consistency kind of like cookie dough. It smells and looks great, almost good enough to eat. I really liked boiling the water before adding it to the dry ingredients it really sped up the process. It was never really runny and was thick as soon as the water was completely mixed in. It is a great recipe but only add 1 cup of flour. Here is a comparison of the two attempts.

Nutella Play Dough 1st and 2nd try comparison

Nutella Play Dough 1st and 2nd try comparison

The third play dough that I made was a no flour recipe, found here, that I added peppermint extract to. I didn’t have any peppermint oil so I tried extract. It isn’t very strong but has a slight mint smell to it. I made it green since the mint extract is green and I didn’t want it to be a funny color when I added food coloring. The cornstarch and baking soda make such a smooth dough, it was fun to mix it up with a different texture. Three of them have already opened up their presents and were very excited about them. I am assuming that they were excited about the play dough and not just because it was their first gift to open this Christmas. :)I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.Sincerely, Scarlet

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