Lessons from Kurt

This morning we were headed off to the park and I told Kurt to go and get dressed so we could leave. A little bit later he came downstairs wearing sports shorts, a wool sweater, and a knitted stocking cap. He also decided to wear flip flops. What an interesting combination of colors and textures. My favorite part of this outfit was that he also used his hat as a toy carrier. Yes there are several angry birds rings in the top of that hat. He just stuffed them in and then flipped it on.


I looked at his outfit and thought to myself, no one will care that he is wearing that and I don’t either. I am glad that this is an area where he can be independent. He knows where his clothes are and he can choose exactly what he wants to wear.


As I was considering Kurt’s outfit another thought I had is that no mother would look at him and think, “Oh my! Why did she dress her child like that?” All of them know that he chose to wear those clothes. As a mom I have a hard time sometimes letting go and realizing that there are so many things that don’t really matter. Another mom and I were talking about this at the park. She shared that she has a hard time letting her kids pick out their clothes. I confessed that I don’t really care if he picks out his clothes I actually prefer it. But there are other areas I have a hard time “letting go.” For example I don’t like it when Kurt mixes his paints while they are still on his painting board (or paper plate with paint globs on them). Then you have contaminated that whole color. Why not wait until it is on the paper to mix? Or mixing the play dough colors until it is just one big brown mess. I just don’t like it. Which is really silly. What does it matter if the colors are messed up? Really I am just going to dispose them all anyways. The whole point of painting and playing with play dough is to explore and experiment.

Anyways my amazing little boy just reminded me one more time of all that I have learned as a mom. I remember looking at pictures and thinking I couldn’t believe my mom would let me wear that. How little did I really know. She probably let me wear that because in 100 years it won’t matter at all. What does matter is that she let me try new things and she loved me despite the decisions I made. I have learned so much from my boys. I am so grateful I have them to teach me and to bring me so much joy.  Thanks for the reminder Kurt.

Sincerely Scarlet


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