This year we went with a family theme: Ninja Turtles!


Yes we are that cool. Kurt was super excited about this and Logan didn’t really care. I was lucky to get him to wear any costume. He refused to wear his shell at all until Halloween when he saw Dad wearing his. That is one boy that loves his daddy.


For our costumes I made all of us a shell and a mask. The boys didn’t like wearing the masks. I went all out for Kurt’s costume. I made his whole outfit; pants, shirt, shell, and mask. I dyed the fabric green for his pants and shirt since I couldn’t find the material that I wanted and I enjoy dying fabric. I tried making a raglan tee for his shirt. I like the potential of the pattern but I need to alter the neck. I figured this was the perfect time to experiment with the pattern since it would be covered by the turtle shell. The finish off the turtle look I added knee and shoulder pads. (Yes I forgot the belt but Kurt didn’t seem to mind since he never mentioned it to me.) Over all I think he looks totally rad!


To celebrate we went to the Dental school and ate lunch with Brandon.



After lunch we went around the school trick or treating. In the evening we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Then passed out treats for the rest of the evening. It was a great day!

Ninja Turtle to the rescue!

Ninja Turtle to the rescue!

Kow-a-bunga Dude! (I think that is what the ninja turtles say)


Lessons from Kurt

This morning we were headed off to the park and I told Kurt to go and get dressed so we could leave. A little bit later he came downstairs wearing sports shorts, a wool sweater, and a knitted stocking cap. He also decided to wear flip flops. What an interesting combination of colors and textures. My favorite part of this outfit was that he also used his hat as a toy carrier. Yes there are several angry birds rings in the top of that hat. He just stuffed them in and then flipped it on.


I looked at his outfit and thought to myself, no one will care that he is wearing that and I don’t either. I am glad that this is an area where he can be independent. He knows where his clothes are and he can choose exactly what he wants to wear.


As I was considering Kurt’s outfit another thought I had is that no mother would look at him and think, “Oh my! Why did she dress her child like that?” All of them know that he chose to wear those clothes. As a mom I have a hard time sometimes letting go and realizing that there are so many things that don’t really matter. Another mom and I were talking about this at the park. She shared that she has a hard time letting her kids pick out their clothes. I confessed that I don’t really care if he picks out his clothes I actually prefer it. But there are other areas I have a hard time “letting go.” For example I don’t like it when Kurt mixes his paints while they are still on his painting board (or paper plate with paint globs on them). Then you have contaminated that whole color. Why not wait until it is on the paper to mix? Or mixing the play dough colors until it is just one big brown mess. I just don’t like it. Which is really silly. What does it matter if the colors are messed up? Really I am just going to dispose them all anyways. The whole point of painting and playing with play dough is to explore and experiment.

Anyways my amazing little boy just reminded me one more time of all that I have learned as a mom. I remember looking at pictures and thinking I couldn’t believe my mom would let me wear that. How little did I really know. She probably let me wear that because in 100 years it won’t matter at all. What does matter is that she let me try new things and she loved me despite the decisions I made. I have learned so much from my boys. I am so grateful I have them to teach me and to bring me so much joy.  Thanks for the reminder Kurt.

Sincerely Scarlet

Summer Happenings: Part 1

Now that it is officially Autumn I figured I can go back and tell about our summer, since you know me I like to be a day late. (Just kidding I don’t really that just seems how it has been lately.) We had such a great summer that went by WAY too quickly. Memorial Day came and then before I knew it we were ending the summer with Labor day. I had a whole list of things to do over the summer. I even started a pinterest board of things I wanted to do, none of which we did. I guess they will have to become our wish list next year. Anyways on to what we did do this summer.


We visited the zoo several times. The Lincoln Children’s zoo is amazing for little kids.

The Look Logan gave every time he saw the animals.

The Look Logan gave every time he saw the animals.

They have a nice variety of animals.


You can make it through in only a couple of hours after you have seen everything, and there are a lot of little play areas along the path through the zoo.


There is a butterfly hut.


And you can feed some goats, calves, and llamas.



We also had some water fun,


in our back yard,


at a nearby lake with friends,


and at Trago Park, a spray park here in Lincoln.


Well that is it for part 1. I am excited to share more. I haven’t even really scratched the surface of all of our fun. Tune in next time to find out about our half birthdays.

Sincerely, Scarlet

April showers means baby showers?

Oh maybe that is just with the people I know. I have been to a ton of baby showers lately with more to come in the future. To be completely truthful, I don’t mind. I really like baby showers. I like making gifts for the baby and as conceited as this sounds I enjoy people ogling at the gifts I make. I feel so flattered when someone asks to inspect it or it is passed around the group. Okay enough of a confession out of me. I will try to be more humble. Here is a baby shower gift that I made for a Momma I go to church with and her new little baby girl.

It seems like it should have a name so I shall call it the Grace dress

It seems like it should have a name so I shall call it the Grace dress

(Don’t you love my beautiful back drop my couch!?! What was I thinking?) I am particularly proud of it. I drafted the pattern off of a 3-6 month t-shirt that my boys wore. For the decoration on front I made reverse pin tucks (at least I think that is how you would say it) and sewed biased tape into the seam.


For the skirt I put the floral material over the top of the red as it is incredibly see through and I wanted to use the red to give the material a pink hue to it. I made the bias tape out of the floral material.


This was my first attempt with petal sleeves and I really liked how they came together and look. I had a vision in my mind and it turned out better then I had envisioned. Now as I didn’t have anyone to try it on I really hope it will fit. I can’t wait to find out.



Growing up!


Logan turned one year and one month (aka 13 months) old today! I can’t believe how quickly he has grown. Just a year ago I was adjusting to having two small kids, recovering from a c-section, and wishing for the day I would once again get an uninterrupted nights sleep. One year later; Logan sleeps all night, it’s Kurt that’s more likely to interrupt my sleep at night. Kurt and Logan usually like playing together. I am still adjusting to having two small kids, please tell me I will have a completely clean house again. Someday? Since Logan had his first birthday a month ago and I haven’t blogged about it yet I thought it would be a perfect time to post about it.

Logan had a great day. We started it off with a visit to the doctor’s office. Where we found out he is 22 pounds 10 ounces (75th percentile), 29 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile), and his head is 18 3/4 inches around (90th percentile). As you can tell he is a pretty healthy boy, with lots of room for that growing brain. It is kind of nerdy but I love reading the handout that the doctor gives us that tells me the developmental milestones he will be hitting, what he should be eating, and what to watch out for in terms of safety. I especially love to read the developmental milestones and think, “oh he does that” or “I can’t wait for him to do that next.” The other highlight of the day was that we had my brother and his family in town and they came to celebrate with us.


For his party we kept it pretty simple. We got him a gift, a helium balloon, and I made him a cake. He was so fun to watch eat his cake; he started out not sure what to do but once I gave him a taste of frosting he dug right in. He got so messy; we found frosting in odd places in his high chair for the next several days.


At his birthday he was saying Mom and Dad, waving goodbye, and just being plain fun. Now he is still a ton of fun and energy, he is starting to show a little more interest in walking, and he says bye now too. He is so cute in the morning when Brandon gets ready to leave he will give him a hug and then say, “bye Dad” while waving. So fun! It does make it hard for Brandon to say good bye. Just this week he has started to sign please (M&Ms might have been a good helper in learning that:). He has started stacking everything. Logan also continues to pester Kurt every chance he gets. Overall we are so lucky to have him. Logan has been a blessing in so many ways to our family and we are glad that he is a part of it. I love looking back at how much he has grown and learned and look forward to all the growth and learning he has ahead of him. We love you Logan!


Here is a look at him month by month.

New born


1 Month


2 Months

3 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

5 Months

6 Months

6 Months

7 Months

7 Months

8 Months

8 Months

9 Months

9 Months

10 Months

10 Months

11 Months

11 Months

Christmas gifts

My family started drawing names for each other several years ago, but each year I like to give a gift to each of my nieces and nephews. Last year I made a pair of mittens for everyone. They turned out really great and Kurt loved his. It is usually the same gift with maybe some variations. This year I made them three different kinds of play dough and gave them some play dough tools from Target’s dollar spot. I put the play dough into empty baby food jars.

I made a cinnamon spice play dough, the recipe is found here. It smells heavenly; kneading the play dough brings all of the wonderful smells of autumn wafting past your nose. The recipe is easy to follow and it turns out great. The next play dough I made was Nutella play dough. I found the recipe here on Made, one of my favorite blogs that I follow, if you like sewing and crafting this is such a fun blog to look at. I have several notes to make on this recipe. After tweaking the recipe the second try turned out great but the first one was only worthy of the trash can.

Nutella Play dough First try

Nutella Play dough First try

As you can see it turned out very dry and scary looking. The dough never was wet enough and I even added a half cup more water. In the end I just threw it away. After my failed first attempted I went over the recipe again making sure I hadn’t missed any ingredients and I hadn’t. So I decided to give it a second chance but this time I only put in half the flour and that did the trick.

Nutella Play Dough second try

Nutella Play Dough second try

As you can see it turned out much smoother. It has a nice smooth consistency kind of like cookie dough. It smells and looks great, almost good enough to eat. I really liked boiling the water before adding it to the dry ingredients it really sped up the process. It was never really runny and was thick as soon as the water was completely mixed in. It is a great recipe but only add 1 cup of flour. Here is a comparison of the two attempts.

Nutella Play Dough 1st and 2nd try comparison

Nutella Play Dough 1st and 2nd try comparison

The third play dough that I made was a no flour recipe, found here, that I added peppermint extract to. I didn’t have any peppermint oil so I tried extract. It isn’t very strong but has a slight mint smell to it. I made it green since the mint extract is green and I didn’t want it to be a funny color when I added food coloring. The cornstarch and baking soda make such a smooth dough, it was fun to mix it up with a different texture. Three of them have already opened up their presents and were very excited about them. I am assuming that they were excited about the play dough and not just because it was their first gift to open this Christmas. :)I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.Sincerely, Scarlet

Sweet Moments

I had such a successful day! I got a lot on my list done and I had a really great day with they boys, a wonderful evening together as a family, and enjoyed time with my husband. Now onto some Christmas sewing. I will share my projects later; but first I want to share some of the sweet moments of the day.

What a sweet boy!

I just love those brown eyes

Last week I had several rough days with the boys and I seriously looked into getting a job. I thought it would be so nice to go to work and, as terrible as this sounds, not have to be Mom for a little bit. As I thought about it though I really am lucky to be a stay-at-home-mom and spend my days being a mother. I decided that I needed to recognize moments in the day that make staying at home worth it; there were several today.


This morning Logan fell asleep as I rocked him. (He usually doesn’t do this) It is so sweet to hold a sleeping child. I love to peek in at my kids while they are sleeping. While they are sleeping I remember how much unconditional love I have for them.


This afternoon the three of us, Kurt, Logan and I, mopped the kitchen floor. What a fun activity! Kurt saw me getting the sponges and container of water ready and mentioned that he had better take his shirt off so it wouldn’t get wet. (Yes as a two, almost three, year old he is worried about stuff like that. This is the kid that when he eats cheese balls, keeps a wet rag nearby so his hands don’t get dirty. What a nut!) I told him that he might want to be more worried about his pants getting wet so a couple of seconds later he comes back into the kitchen completely naked. Nothing but the skin got wet :). Who knows maybe mopping naked is the way to go; I don’t think I will try it any time soon. After mopping with them I determined maybe I have been mopping wrong. The whole floor was completely wet and there wasn’t any water left in the bucket but it sure made removing any gunk on the floor easy. Logan kept crawling around on the wet floor slipping and laughing. He thought it was great fun.

Looking out the window together. Kurt picked out his own clothes, not two pieces I would have put together but not bad :)

Looking out the window together. Kurt picked out his own clothes, not two pieces I would have put together but not bad 🙂

I am so glad that I took time to recognize these little moments. They are things that I might have easily overlooked but really made my day when I thought about them. I am so glad to be a mother and a wife. I hope to take more time to remember why I am putting aside other pursuits and devoting my time to being a mother and wife.