April showers means baby showers?

Oh maybe that is just with the people I know. I have been to a ton of baby showers lately with more to come in the future. To be completely truthful, I don’t mind. I really like baby showers. I like making gifts for the baby and as conceited as this sounds I enjoy people ogling at the gifts I make. I feel so flattered when someone asks to inspect it or it is passed around the group. Okay enough of a confession out of me. I will try to be more humble. Here is a baby shower gift that I made for a Momma I go to church with and her new little baby girl.

It seems like it should have a name so I shall call it the Grace dress

It seems like it should have a name so I shall call it the Grace dress

(Don’t you love my beautiful back drop my couch!?! What was I thinking?) I am particularly proud of it. I drafted the pattern off of a 3-6 month t-shirt that my boys wore. For the decoration on front I made reverse pin tucks (at least I think that is how you would say it) and sewed biased tape into the seam.


For the skirt I put the floral material over the top of the red as it is incredibly see through and I wanted to use the red to give the material a pink hue to it. I made the bias tape out of the floral material.


This was my first attempt with petal sleeves and I really liked how they came together and look. I had a vision in my mind and it turned out better then I had envisioned. Now as I didn’t have anyone to try it on I really hope it will fit. I can’t wait to find out.