Summer Happenings: Part 1

Now that it is officially Autumn I figured I can go back and tell about our summer, since you know me I like to be a day late. (Just kidding I don’t really that just seems how it has been lately.) We had such a great summer that went by WAY too quickly. Memorial Day came and then before I knew it we were ending the summer with Labor day. I had a whole list of things to do over the summer. I even started a pinterest board of things I wanted to do, none of which we did. I guess they will have to become our wish list next year. Anyways on to what we did do this summer.


We visited the zoo several times. The Lincoln Children’s zoo is amazing for little kids.

The Look Logan gave every time he saw the animals.

The Look Logan gave every time he saw the animals.

They have a nice variety of animals.


You can make it through in only a couple of hours after you have seen everything, and there are a lot of little play areas along the path through the zoo.


There is a butterfly hut.


And you can feed some goats, calves, and llamas.



We also had some water fun,


in our back yard,


at a nearby lake with friends,


and at Trago Park, a spray park here in Lincoln.


Well that is it for part 1. I am excited to share more. I haven’t even really scratched the surface of all of our fun. Tune in next time to find out about our half birthdays.

Sincerely, Scarlet