April showers means baby showers?

Oh maybe that is just with the people I know. I have been to a ton of baby showers lately with more to come in the future. To be completely truthful, I don’t mind. I really like baby showers. I like making gifts for the baby and as conceited as this sounds I enjoy people ogling at the gifts I make. I feel so flattered when someone asks to inspect it or it is passed around the group. Okay enough of a confession out of me. I will try to be more humble. Here is a baby shower gift that I made for a Momma I go to church with and her new little baby girl.

It seems like it should have a name so I shall call it the Grace dress

It seems like it should have a name so I shall call it the Grace dress

(Don’t you love my beautiful back drop my couch!?! What was I thinking?) I am particularly proud of it. I drafted the pattern off of a 3-6 month t-shirt that my boys wore. For the decoration on front I made reverse pin tucks (at least I think that is how you would say it) and sewed biased tape into the seam.


For the skirt I put the floral material over the top of the red as it is incredibly see through and I wanted to use the red to give the material a pink hue to it. I made the bias tape out of the floral material.


This was my first attempt with petal sleeves and I really liked how they came together and look. I had a vision in my mind and it turned out better then I had envisioned. Now as I didn’t have anyone to try it on I really hope it will fit. I can’t wait to find out.




Halloween Costume

Last week I was busy at the sewing machine making a costume that I am pretty darn proud of: Toothless the Dragon.

To begin with I took a pair of pants and jacket that fit Kurt and drafted a pattern. After drafting the pattern I cut the pattern out of black fleece material, except for the one tail wing and I cut that out of brown fleece. The eyes are also fleece appliqued onto the hood. I made them his happy eyes as it is being worn by a two year old. The costume is made up of three different pieces; the pants and tail, the jacket, and the wings.

I tried to get him to crouch down on his legs but he spread out on the ground instead. Didn’t quite get what I meant.

I reinforced the wings with a metal hanger so they would keep their shape. I made the wings separate from the jacket for several reasons; I didn’t want them to weigh down the jacket and pull it funny, it would be easier for storage, and he could wear the wings without the jacket. The wings have adjustable nylon straps on the front like a backpack has.

Attacking the poor elephant

One feature I am particularly proud of is that the spines on the tail get smaller as they go down the tail. The costume also includes hand and foot coverings with claws. He really enjoys that part.

A view of the claws, he was trying to scare me.

I am missing a few features that toothless has, but overall I feel that it is a pretty good representation of the loyal dragon. The two and half year old really didn’t seem to notice that anything was missing. 🙂 The day after I got the pants finished he was so excited to wear it. He walked around the house trying to move like a dragon does, it was very entertaining. Seeing Kurt love what I made him is so rewarding. A funny side story we went to the bank while he was wearing his costume and tried to scare a lady coming out of the door. What a nut!

Logan is going to be an elephant. I didn’t make it but he still pretty darn cute. I think it is going to be a great Halloween.